HKUST Aerial Robotics Group

Welcome to the HKUST Aerial Robotics Group led by Prof. Shaojie Shen. Our group is part of the HKUST Robotics Institute.

We develop fundamental technologies to enable aerial robots (or UAVs, drones, etc.) to autonomously operate in complex environments. Our research spans the full stack of aerial robotic systems, with focus on state estimation, mapping, trajectory planning, multi-robot coordination, and testbed development using low-cost sensing and computation components.

Video Highlights

Research Highlights

Visual-Inertial State Estimation

We develop probabilistic methods for high accuracy state estimation in unknown complex environments using measurements from cameras and IMUs. We focus on mathematical formulation for multi-sensor fusion, estimator initialization, sensor calibration, and robust motion estimation under aggressive motions. read more

Global Localization for Aerial Robots

We propose global localization methods for aerial robots in complex GPS-denied environments using publicly-available 3D models of cities and natural scenes. We develop both geometric- and deep learning-based methods for efficient global localization in city-scale environments. read more

Dense Mapping for Autonomous Navigation

We develop real-time methods for generating dense maps for large-scale autonomous navigation of aerial robots. We investigate into monocular and multi-camera dense mapping methods with special attention on the tight integration between maps and motion planning modules. read more

Trajectory Generation for Aerial Robots

We develop online methods to generate safe and smooth trajectories for aerial navigation through unknown, complex, and possibly dynamic environments. We use convex optimization tools to ensure both collision avoidance and dynamic feasibility. read more